Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Mary Youd Mary Youd
Passed 1st time
I took some lessons with Kulsuma before taking my driving test. As an experienced driver in America, I needed to gain experience and confidence driving in the UK. In my opinion, it’s completely different driving here and I wanted to take lessons from someone who could teach me the proper rules of the road. Kulsuma was such an excellent teacher and lovely person. She explained why and how to do manoeuvres, what was necessary and also what was a safe driving method. Even after 20+ years of driving, Kulsuma has taught me to be a better and safer driver. I now have the know how and confidence to drive in the UK. I could not recommend her more highly. Happy to say I passed my test first time and I’m lucky I chose Kulsuma as my instructor. Thank you!!!!

Daisy RouseDaisy Rouse
Passed 1st time
My driving experience with Kulsuma was brilliant! I felt like I learnt so much at the end of each lesson and she made me feel very comfortable. Kulsuma’s teaching methods worked really well for me. She never pushed me to do anything before I felt ready but she always encouraged me which boosted my confidence a lot. Kulsuma helped me overcome my nerves as a new driver. She taught me the best and safest thing to do in any tricky situation. I enjoyed my chats with Kulsuma the most. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease and it made my experience with her a lot more enjoyable.

Ali raza Ali raza
Passed 1st time
She is the best driving instructor I have had by far, because she has the skills and passion to teach. She teaches for not only for the test but to be a safe driver for life. I passed with Kulsuma in under 25 hours from start to finish and passed first time! She is a very nice, patient and kind person and had the best time learning with you! Thank you so much, Don't change the way you do things!

Marie Mortimer Marie Mortimer
Passed 1st time
I would highly recommend Kulsuma as a driving instructor! Lessons were awesome, teaching skills were perfect! I have so much confidence going out on my own now. Passed first time, so happy! Thank you so much.

I was very anxious
I cant thank Kulsuma enough! This was my 3rd attempt, and I was very anxious. Kulsuma has been extremely patient and kind, going over manoeuvres and general driving repeatedly till I was confident in myself. In addition she has been accommodating throughout the process, even doing lessons after work for me. What I really appreciate is that Kulsuma prepared me for independent driving after the test, which neither of my previous instructors did. I would recommend Kulsuma to anyone who wants to learn how to drive safely for life, not just a test. Best wishes for the future Kulsuma!